How to install the license file

To activate your license file follow these steps:

1. Login in your DNN instance with a super-user.

2. Go to the file manager through the menu Host > File Manager.

3. With the Edit mode selected, click on the File Manager context menu and again click on the Manage Folder Types command




4. Click on the Add New type button.

5. From the available providers, select anyone that starts with ISS and go to the Licensing Settings section.

6. Click on the Add License Key button.

7. If you have not received an e-mail with your license file, request it through the Send Request eMail License link and completing the requested data. Within 24 hours you will receive your license file.

8. Once you have received the license file, press the Select File button to select the license file in your system. Press the Upload License File button to update your license.

9. Press the Cancel button to exit the configuration window.